FlyFit, a business unit of Vitalit Labs Int., is the global market leader in the market for Fatigue Solutions. FlyFit develops healthy premium food, drinks and vitamin enhanced supplements, specifically designed to improve the nutritional well-being for people on the move.
Travelling can be wonderful and inspiring. Yet when travel becomes a significant part of our lives, so does travel fatigue. Travelers from all over the world such as airline passengers, hotel guests and many more rely on FlyFit to maximize their revitalizing effects on the traveler’s physical and mental well-being.


Invented by 2 brothers and a good friend. Imagine you are flying to an exotic flying destination at the other side of the world. Once arrived you have to restore two days of jet lag and fatigue before you can start celebrating your well-deserved holiday. But two inventive brothers took it upon their self to find a solution that would reduce the negative side effects of travelling. They have worked in collaboration with nutrition experts and food research organizations to formulate a remarkable anti-fatigue support supplement. Their ingenuity eventually led to FlyFit products and what started as a one-off solution is now the go-to brand for fatigue support across the globe.


Founded in 2009, FlyFit’s mission is to improve the nutritional well-being for people on the move. As a first step towards accomplishing that mission, FlyFit initially introduced FlyFit direct-to-mouth cranberry and apple shots which contains a unique balance of vitamins and minerals, which helps to fight travel fatigue and boosts your vitality. A few years later the company improved upon this innovation by introducing a full blown FlyFit portfolio where people on the move can use FlyFit for all different occasions.
The success in the air has flown over to land by offering FlyFit to retail shops and hotel chains around the world.