FlyFit healthy ambient services

Our client’s customers are always on the move. In the busy world of travel, it is therefore vital to provide ease of use, efficient, healthy, ambient and responsible services. That’s why we create state-of-the-art solutions for all our business partners in the airline, hotel, catering and retail industries.

Specifically for the travel industry, our selection of service concepts includes tailor-made healthy ambient breakfast services, delay services, crew services, good night services and kid’s services. This ensures that we can cover all those important moments of a journey, offering both convenience and great taste to travelers.

This means our clients experience a host of great benefits. Our healthy ambient products and services are cost-effective, customer friendly and waste free. This translates to services that are easy and quick to deliver for airport staff and in-flight crews.

We at FlyFit like to stay at the forefront of development when it comes to providing healthy ambient, fitness-boosting products to consumers all over the world. At the consumer level we offer a health enhancing brand with modern appeal, while at the client service level we try to add maximum value for all our trusted partners around the globe. On request, our R&D is happy to develop customized needs leading to a unique product for our customers.

We pride ourselves in delivering quality, effective, sustainable, ambient fatigue solutions. Travelling is something wonderful. Through our products and services, we aim to retain the magic in travel.

Our products and packaging are designed to be:

  • Lightweight
  • Ambient
  • FSC approved
  • Tailor made to fit any airline distribution requirements

We are proud to partner with a wide variety of companies around the world to fully support the needs of customers. From leading global providers of catering services and regional specialty brokers to logistic and storage companies around the globe, our partner network is comprised of industry leaders. Every FlyFit supplier partner has full relevant minimum HACCP certifications with 3rd party audit documentation and we welcome all external customer QA visits if required.