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FlyFit Work Bright Mint


FlyFit Work Health Tuning shots 

Focus and Balance 

A tasty & hydrating blend of electrolytes, B-vitamins, natural tomato extract and Cafein from Guarana that provides complete hydration, circulation and mental performance.  

With vitamin B-complex (B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B9, B12 and biotin) for normal energy supply, to help reduce tiredness and fatigue and including a proper brain function.

With Caffeine from Guarana which enhances mental performance, reaction time, alertness, focus and memory.

With a natural & clinically proven tomato extract named fruitflow® that maintain a healthy blood flow and circulation. Office based work, long distance travel or simply a lack of exercise lead to a drop in our bodies’ production of protective Nitric Oxide, making the blood platelets more likely to be sticky and prone to clotting. Fruitflow® helps to reduce stresses of life.

Directions: Simply drop 1 FlyFit Work shot into 200/300 ml - 7 to 10 fl oz water, watch it, fizz and drink. Preferably consume every 3-4 hours.

Take FlyFit Work tablet 1.5 hour before any long time of immobilisation like office based work or when you need extra concentration and balance in life.

Contains 10 shots per box.

Free of dairy, gluten and vegan-friendly.