The key to the product’s effectiveness and outstanding success lies with the power of our Q4 ingredients. Our Vitamin and mineral shot contains a unique balance of vitamins and minerals.This formula does contain a range of B-vitamins as well as specific minerals (micro-nutrients) which all work together and contribute to reduce tiredness and fatigue, support a normal energy-yielding metabolism, help maintain a proper brain function and last but not least protect our cells from oxidative stress.

EFSA, the European food safety authority, did evaluate scientifically the available evidence and did authorize the following claims on the vitamins and minerals used in our formula:
  • 4 claims for tiredness and fatigue
  • 5 claims for normal energy, 
  • 5 claims for protection from oxidative stress 
  • 5 claims for proper brain function and/or normal function of the nervous system. 
Rationale / scientific background 
B-vitamins are necessary for converting food into energy. Lack of B-vitamins in sufficient amounts can compromise an entire sequence of biochemical reactions necessary for transforming food into energy. B-vitamins can be depleted amongst others by stress and unbalanced food intake (or too much alcohol) and this may result ultimately in a decrease of energy production. Slow energy production in the cells, is among the causes of low energy and fatigue.
Antioxidant like vitamin C and E and the minerals Zinc, Manganese and Selenium are also needed to support healthy mitochondrial** energy production.   The ability of the mitochondria to function properly is compromised when they become damaged by reactive oxygen species (free radicals). This damage results in a decrease of energy production. Antioxidant deficiencies, in a similar way to the B vitamin deficiencies, are therefore fatigue causes worthy of addressing. ** Mitochondria are the energy power houses of the cell.


FlyFit is a direct-to-mouth vitamin and mineral shot. The shots contain a unique and proven balance of vitamins and minerals, which helps to fight travel fatigue and jet lag.


FlyFit products contain a combination of key immune supporting vitamins and minerals. Research has confirmed that the key ingredients in FlyFit such as Vitamin B1, C and Zinc support immune health.


FlyFit Flow travel caps is a revolutionary capsule developed to maintain a healthy blood circulation during travel and especially when flying. We also support circulation through hydration, B6 & B12 Vitamins.

Inside of Q4 Blend

Vitamin B1: • Necessary to extract energy from food • Supports a Healthy Cardiovascular System • Boosts Immunity

Vitamin B2: Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) • is essential for proper growth and the conversion of food into energy • Assists several antioxidant enzymes

Vitamin B6: • Supports a wide variety of metabolic reactions • is good for the blood vessels and nervous system

Vitamin C: • Needed for the immune system

Vitamin E: • For the protection of healthy cells and tissues • Supports normal nerve function •   Augments functional activity of immune cells

Zinc: • supports the number and function of several different immune cells • is important for the immune system and proper growth development

Manganese: • Needed for digestion • Helps make and break down glucose and proteins

Selenium: • protects against free radicals