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Our client’s customers are always on the move. In the busy world of travel, it is therefore vital to provide ease of use, efficient, healthy, ambient and responsible services.

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FlyFit, a business unit of Vitalit Labs Int., is the global market leader in the market for Fatigue Solutions.

Why FlyFit


FlyFit is a direct-to-mouth vitamin and mineral shot. The shots contain a unique and proven balance of vitamins and minerals, which helps to fight travel fatigue and jet lag.


FlyFit products contain a combination of key immune supporting vitamins and minerals. Research has confirmed that the key ingredients in FlyFit such as Vitamin B1, C and Zinc support immune health.


FlyFit Flow travel caps is a revolutionary capsule developed to maintain a healthy blood circulation during travel and especially when flying. We also support circulation through hydration, B6 & B12 Vitamins.


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Running your own business and flying out for shoots in between can sometimes feel like topsport.You always need to arrive in top condition. Showing the signs of fatigue is not an option so FLyFit is my remedy to arrive fit and healthy. Celine Prins – Entrepreneur and International Model.

Having offices in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Singapore, China and South America I travel a lot and am often hit hard by jet lag. I experienced FlyFit during a flight to London where it was served. During long flights it’s a must have for me and feel much better when I arrive. Frank Rosier CEO Slade Global Logistic Providers

I came across an exiting new product on my food tray while flying to London and never expected the results were so good but FlyFit really works. Travelling east or west, I now never leave home without my FlyFit-sticks. Stephan Viegen Investor & Owner Open Up

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